Monday, January 4, 2010

140 Characters

I was late to the Twitter party, but when I signed up a year ago, I totally fell in love with it. I use it mostly professionally, connecting with sources and getting story ideas, but I also use it to inform all 850 of my followers every hilarious thing Isaac does.

Here's what you missed in December:

Isaac's new step stool has a cubby hole. In it today I found his Chuck Taylors, a pair of panties and 5 tampons. Isaac has learned how to shake hands. He's been shaking my parents' and my hands for about 30 minutes now. - I thought playing in the snow would be fun. It was not. My kid is on track to spend all but 12 minutes of his toddler years in time out. - Look, ma! No hands! Isaac found out tonight that Max does not like bananas. He does, however, enjoy french fries. Fist time Isaac hasn't cried when I dropped him off at day care! How to make your own wrapping paper. (You will need: butcher paper, finger paint, a willing toddler and patience) Is it sad that my dog has TWO Christmas sweaters? Maybe just a little? Oh well.


Shelly Collins said...

Fun stuff!

The tampons crack me up. I love finding random things in random places, keeps things interesting!

So did you make your own paper this year?

Tasha said...

Love the cubby hole story. Nice. And, I checked out those panty pictures on your account, and I'm pretty sure that when Little Isaac becomes Too Cool For School Isaac, he will HATE YOUR GUTS for posting those!

We totally missed each other between the holidays and the blizzard! Want to plan a play date?

Love ya.

hwall said...

I did! We wrapped all of the grandparents' presents in paper Isaac either finger-painted or left his hand print on. They loved it!

A play date soon would be great!!!


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