Friday, January 15, 2010

To-do lists

I know it's a little late for resolution talk, but that's OK — because I don't do resolutions. At the start of each year, I compile a list of resolutions and then fail to keep any of them. Hell, I don't even remember what 2009's resolutions were.

The thing I am good at, however, is the to-do list. I thrive on lists, and without my daily to-do list, I'm at a loss. So here are my to-do lists, both for this year and for "someday."

Things to do this year:
1. Start exercising.
2. Save more money.
3. Pay off the car.
4. Budget for art.
5. Develop a plan of action to finish my bachelor's degree.
6. Eat fewer processed foods.
7. Manage time better.
8. Live more with less.
9. Be a good mom.
10. Volunteer.

Things to do someday
1. Go back to school. Finish bachelor's degree and get an MBA. Think about going further.
2. Buy a nice camera. Take a photography class.
3. Build a deck.
4. Build a garage or shed.
5. Plant a garden.

Wish me luck!


Shelly Collins said...

Mmmm, all very good things. Can I use your list too? Even if you accomposhied half of your list you'd be in a really good place right? This morning while I was laying in bed I remembered the email about your birthday party and that I missed a call from you. I'm so sorry!! I guess we missed your birthday? I'm calling you tomorrow.

hwall said...

No, you didn't miss it. It's tomorrow. I was calling to remind you and to say that I need to interview you for Tulsa Kids! Can we do that this week?

Ed said...

You can check off #9. Done. :)


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