Thursday, December 17, 2009

Funny how things work out

In August of 2008 I compiled two lists, one of things I want to do "some day" and one of things I want to do "right now."

I have not done any of the things on my "right now" list, which were mostly things I was passionate about at the time — becoming a postnatal doula, planting a garden, going to church. Things I thought would be easy.

I've accomplished quite a few things on my "someday" list, though. I've begun volunteering. I've bought a house. And, while I'm not rich, I've managed to pay off enough debt and take on enough freelance writing assignments that Isaac and I are comfortable.

So it's funny that I have yet to do any of the "easy" stuff, but the things I thought would be unattainable for at least 10 years... well, they weren't.

Going to start working on my lists for 2010 now...


Tasha said...

That's awesome, Holly! I am so proud of your accomplishments!

cyclefreaks said...

I'd call that quite a successful year!

SweetWICK said...

LUV this blog. Good for you with your goals and strength. You're influencing women all over!


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