Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Welcome to Isaac's mouth, Tooth Number Two

Mom called earlier to inform me his other bottom incisor had just broken skin. I thought I had seen something white in his mouth last night, next to the tooth that is already there, but every time I'd try to stick my finger in his mouth and feel his gums, he'd get really, really irritated. Guess now I know why.

Gosh, I just can't imagine that in a few months Isaac will have a mouth full of teeth. It's weird. I'm going to miss his sweet, toothless grin, that's for sure. I'm very surprised and proud he's taken the teething thing so well thus far. When the first one came in, there was a bit of fever and crankiness, but nothing major. With this one, I wouldn't have known he was teething at all if I hadn't seen that clue, the glimmering white speck in his mouth. Isaac, you're being a real man about this whole teething thing. We're proud of you. But remember, it's okay to let your feelings show once in a while.


Shelly Collins said...

Wow, he has changed so much just in the past few weeks! Can't wait to see you tomorrow night! I may have to skip out on lunch Friday, trying to save cash this go 'round.

Tasha said...

No big deal about Tuesday night. Miles came down with a cold anyway, so were in all day.

See you tonight!!

Rachey said...

Aww I know this moment will come way too soon for us. Thank you for all your sweet comments as I'm just now able to get back to everyone and finally get somewhat of a routine down. You are SO right about the no sleep but I wouldn't trade it for anything. We are having a great time watching our little man grow everyday...I just keep reminding him not to do it too fast because Mommy can't handle that ;)


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