Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dallas or Bust... And we survived!

Isaac and Mommy survived our first road trip together, a five-hour jaunt to Dallas last weekend to see my friend Gina and do some shopping at Urban Outfitters. My mom came along for the trip as well and proved invaluable. I might have been able to do it by myself, but it would have been harder and taken longer and I'd probably have decided, by the end of the trip, never to do it again. As it is, I will probably do it again, but not anytime soon. I think our next trip may be a flight to Portland in the spring or summer to see Ginger and revisit a city I fell madly in love with last time I was there. Depending on how that goes, I can gauge Isaac's (and my) readiness for a trip to Germany to meet his girlfriend Leni.

Here, documentation of our trip:

Isaac, rarin' to go. Mommy dressed him in his jammies in hopes he would sleep the whole way. Except for the first two hours, he did.

Isaac and Leland, Gina's hubby and I-Man's babysitter for the day. All in all, Leland did a pretty great job. He was mostly relieved at not having to change any dirty diapers. Isaac waited until Mommy got home for that. Maybe he sensed that Leland couldn't handle it.

Leland and Isaac showing Mommy what they did all day.

Gina and Leland practicing. They're only three years away from having their own, if they stick to their timeline! (I like to remind her of this. Often.)

Best buds, reunited. In Mesquite, Texas.

Isaac ready for the long trip home. I put the toy next to him, thinking he might like to play with it a bit as we drove. Instead, he slept the entire way through Texas and most of the way through Oklahoma.

Pit stop in Durant. Isaac in good spirits. He'd just had the first of two very long naps. In Durant, Isaac got a bottle and some fresh air out of the car seat while grandma went into Big Lots and Mommy chowed down on McDonald's fries and nuggets for what she hopes will be the last time.

Okay, this one has nothing to do with the trip. It's just adorable. Isaac always crosses his feet like this. Always. When he's in the car seat, when he's sitting up and playing, even when he's sleeping.

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cyclefreaks said...

those feetsies are too cute...


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