Sunday, December 14, 2008

Three teeth in one weekend!

My mother has been telling me for almost two weeks that she thinks Isaac is getting one of his top teeth. I'd never seen or felt anything. Until yesterday. He finished nursing, and he was laying across my lap. I was tickling and playing with him, and when he opened his mouth to laugh, I noticed something white in his top gums. His top right incisor has started to come in! I noticed later yesterday evening that the other top incisor is coming in, too. It's just barely broken skin, not too far behind the other one. That means he's getting three teeth all at once right now, and still no change in attitude or behavior. I think it's so weird. It's going to be even weirder when his adorable grin is punctuated by four equally adorable teeth. Oh, a side note: It appears as though the second bottom tooth coming in is coming in a little crooked.


Shelly Collins said...

It is amazing how teeth change their overall appearance. They look so much older. Don't worry, Gwyn has crooked teeth too, hoping they straighten as more come in.

I also think you have a little bit of a wierd fascination with teeth :) Ha!

Shelly Collins said...

Yes, most certainly you are allowed to be overcome! One day Isaac will appreciate your fascination with documenting every detail! I'm inspired to record more!

BTW, my emails to your yahoo account are being returned.

Shelly Collins said...

I meant to say an EXCELLENT defense by the way!


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