Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More firsts

I-Man got his first tooth last night! I had been expecting it all weekend and had almost given up, thinking his fever and other symptoms might have been due to some virus rather than a new tooth. But last night I saw that little glimmer of white again, and I felt around in his little mouth, and his lower left incisor had broken the skin! I was so excited that I called everyone in the family and sent my friends (the ones I thought would care) text messages announcing our new arrival. I bounced him up and down chanting, "You have a tooth, you have a tooth!" and he just smiled and laughed, excited about whatever it was that was making me so happy.

I didn't expect to get so excited about a tooth, but I was. Over the weekend I went out with some folks for my friend's husband's birthday, and I spent so much time talking about Isaac and his latest developments and his fever and his sitting up and his falling over... It's hard for me to talk about much else sometimes. And it makes me grateful for my friends who are moms because I'm pretty sure half the people I used to know and be close to could care less about any of this stuff, and although they once thought of me as someone who has pretty cool and fun to hang out with, I'm now to them excruciatingly boring.

Oh well, I guess.

I have been forgetting one bit of very important Isaac news. He gives kisses. For almost a month now, he's been giving his mommy and grandparents great big kisses with his mouth WIDE open. The first time he did it, he kind of surprised me. I was holding him and doing something else and all of a sudden there was this little mouth on my cheek. I looked at him and he just gave me the sweetest, widest grin and then another kiss. Now, when I give him kisses, he'll open his mouth really big in an attempt to reciprocate. It's the absolute cutest thing and I must get a photo of it.


Tasha said...

Oh yea...I haven't told you about that secret mommy pill?? Oh, wait, there isn't one. Ooops.

I know what you mean about feeling frumpy. It is difficult sometimes. And, actually, I find that when I do take/make the time to fix my hair AND do makeup AND dress nicely, it takes so much time from Miles, that he becomes frustrated, and in turn, I become frustrated, and it wasn't worth it all to begin with. In addition, when I'm all fixed up, I don't want Miles snotting on my nice shirt, I would prefer him not to run his fingers through my fixed hair, and not to slober on my made-up face. Baby-hood do not mesh well with nice clothes, makeup, or cute hair. Sorry, it just doesn't. Try saving your made-up times for dates or going out. I try, a few times a month, to get 'ready'. It feels nice to do so, and in addition, it justifies my frumpiness on the rest of the days.

You are beautiful, and whether you realize it or not, motherhood makes you more so. I think it's natural for us to look back at ourselves and think, 'Wow, I was pretty hot back then'. So, just know that years from now, you'll either A) Look back on these times and wish that you had realized how smokin' you were...or B) you'll realize that you really were sleep deprived, thank god that you look half-way decent now, and remember how great it was having a new baby.

Remember...confidence = beauty.

Love ya.

Tasha said...

Ooops...that was supposed to be on the '...lost my touch' post.


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