Monday, November 10, 2008

What a big boy

I keep telling Isaac that growing up is just so hard to do and it's painful and, if he knows what's good for him, he'll stay a little baby forever.

Case in point: I think he's cutting his first tooth. Last Thursday he started to get kind of sick, runny nose, etc., which we figured was a cold he caught from my parents, both of whom were sick all last week. Then, on Friday, my mom said he had diarrhea and, when I went to pick him up, he had a high fever. I happened to glance in his mouth and I saw a glimmer of white on his bottom gums, what looked like his first tooth coming in! By Saturday his fever had broken and the entire weekend came and went with no sign of the new tooth, so who knows when it will make its fist appearance. All I know is that I-Man definitely does not like it when I try to look for teeth in his mouth.

Also last week, Isaac had his first encounter with a sippy cup. I had tried to introduce it to him the week before, and he would put the spout in his mouth but wouldn't suck or get any water out. Then, on Friday night, my mom tried to give it to him, and he yanked it out of her hands and drank from it all by himself. If the spout ever escaped his mouth, though, he had some difficulty trying to get it back in. He's got a drinking problem a la Ted Striker on Airplane.

Last week, I swear Isaac said "mama." He was babbling incessantly, saying "ba ba ba ba..." and then he stopped and said exactly what sounded like "ma ma." I got super excited and started saying "mama" to him over and over, and he'd said "bababababa mama." He said it about three times.

To me, that counts.

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Shelly Collins said...

Just a word of advice, When Gwyn had her fever a few weeks ago. I just kept convincing myself it was from the teething. It probably partly was...then I found out from the doctor she had a virus. The doc said teething usually gives a low grade fever. Her fever was stubborn and hardly ever gave even with Tylenol. Not that I would have really done anything differently for her, the virus had to work it's way out...just probably would have not let her go to her party!


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