Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My baby's sick :(

Not seriously ill, but he's got a little nose/throat virus. We had a bad night. Isaac went to sleep at about 8:30 but woke up every hour thereafter. I couldn't figure out why he as waking so often, but I'd already started reading The No-Cry Sleep Solution earlier this week, and I just hoped there'd be something in there to alleviate what I assumed was a sleep problem.

Isaac seemed fine and happy this morning when I dropped him off at my parents, but they called me at about 11:30am and told me he had been crying non-stop for the past two hours. And not just crying, but screaming. And he refused to take a bottle. When I arrived there 20 minutes later, he was sleeping, but I went ahead and called the doctor, who told me to bring him in. He woke up at about 12:15, nursed, and seemed like himself even after we arrived at the doctor's office an hour later.

Dr. Ludlow said his throat looked a little red and he had some congestion, which was what probably kept him up all night (he couldn't breathe). She told me to give him saline drops in his nose, keep him upright while he slept and keep an eye on him. He's kicking me and laughing now, which I think means he's feeling a little better, but I just hate it that my little baby feels poorly. My dad said, "Now you really know what it feels like to be a parent..."

Cute things Isaac is doing:
Lifting his arms toward me when he wants to be picked up.
Wrapping his arms around my neck when I do pick him up.
Nuzzling his head in my shoulder when he's feeling shy.
Laughing out loud when I blow on his tummy.


Shelly Collins said...

I bet you're tired. I'm glad it was nothing serious and he's feeling better. Wishes for dreamy sleep tonight!

Natasha said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear Little Man is sick. We know how that feels - it's awful, but you get through. Get well, little guy! We hope Mom gets some sleep, too.

cyclefreaks said...

I hate it when babies are sick. :( Esp. when he/she is screaming and looking at you, because in my guilt-ridden head I think Kaia is going, "Mommy, why aren't you fixing me??"

Glad he's feeling better. Using the nasal thing sucks but it sure is a lifesaver.

Kaia still isn't really laughing, but lets out a wee tiny giggle now and then. You should see us all making asses of ourselves trying to get a good belly laugh out of her. Soon, I can feel it.


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