Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pictures, Pictures

I just can't stop myself. Someone told me Philbrook's rose garden is in full bloom and looks beautiful, and my first thought was, "I need to get Isaac over there to take some pictures!"
I really do think he's getting close to sitting up. A couple of times he's used his tummy muscles to get himself in a sitting position, but he usually can't hold it and topples over. His neck is stronger every day, and I think I'm going to try out the Bumbo again. I've instructed my mom to get as much tummy time in throughout the day as she can, although I may regret that when he actually does start crawling all over the place and I have to keep up!


Natasha said...

Check out that range of expressions! You just wanna get after those cheeks...that's what he gets for being so darn cute.

Shelly Collins said...

He really does look like you :)

cyclefreaks said...

he is so cute. he has the best expressions! if you don't make it to Germany to hook him up with your friend's daughter, I know a really cute girl in Stillwater he might like... ;)


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