Friday, September 4, 2009

Home, sweet home

Um, so, you guys... I bought a house. Most of you know that already.

It is a totally awesome house and when finally unpack everything and get some new furniture, I'll post some photos. Or you can just come over and see it.

Here are some videos of Isaac exploring the new pad. Sorry for the poor quality. I don't actually have a video camera; I took these on my Kodak.


Tina said...

Still planning on being out of town on the 12th? If not, can I come see the house?

hwall said...

Yep, I'll be out of town. Next time, though. I plan to be in that house a loooooong time.

Tasha said...

How much fun is Isaac having exploring your new house?! By the way, from what I can see here, the house is awesome! I can't wait to come see for myself...hint, hint.

cyclefreaks said...

THERE you are!! Well no wonder you haven't posted in forever, you've been busy buying a house and caring for a toddler. :)

The house looks awesome, congratulations! And Isaac is as cute as ever, I totally dig his hat. :) And his slide too!


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