Friday, September 4, 2009

Look at what I can do!

Hi, everyone, this is Isaac. I got tired of my mom never posting any of the cool things I do and say on this blog or showing you guys any of my adorable photos, so I've decided to take matters into my own hands and do it myself.

Yes, I know I have perfect grammar and am very adept at spelling. Thank you for noticing. I'm not a bad typist either.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you guys my cool new slide. My friend Sam has one, and he taught me all about how totally awesome it is.

First, you climb up the steps. (Sorry this picture is so blurry. My mother is obviously as terrible at taking photos as she is at posting on this blog.)

Then, you sit at the top of the slide and make sure everyone sees how cute you are before you push yourself off.

Wheeeeeeeeeee! Sliding is great!

Know what else is great? This awesome hat.

Peace out homies,


Shelly Collins said...

That's probably the coolest slide ever Isaac. Tell your mom I said hello ok! And how do you like your new house Isaac?

Tasha said...

Dude, that hat is totally bitchin'.

Don't tell your mom I'm teaching you "naughty" words, okay? She'll just get mad and wash your mouth out with soap. Neither of us wants that, now, do we?

P.S. - The light in your new house is teh gorgeous.

Tasha said...

Go take another slide, Isaac honey, this one's for Mama.

Dude, when did our boys grow ARMS and LEGS?? Like, really longs ones. Isaac has some serious limbs in these photos - gasp-worthy limbs. We must find a way to be okay with it, since I guess they're not gonna give up the growing thing. Rude.


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