Monday, March 30, 2009


Isaac and I were displaced all weekend, thanks to my crappy apartment's crappy heating system not working and my crappy landlord not returning phone calls or text messages three days in a row. So we spent all weekend on my parents' fold-out sofa bed, which is about 16 years old and hurts my back and neck somethin' awful. Still, I'm glad we were there because my parents and grandparents provided a lot of help that I'm not sure I would have survived without.

Wanna know why?

Because my kid, my sweet, adorable, lunatic baby, thought it would be totally awesome to wake up at 4am every day this weekend. I wish I were kidding.

On Saturday I managed to give him a bottle and keep him content until about 6:30 when Grandma snatched him up, thus enabling me to sleep in until 8:30. On Sunday, again, he was up at 4am. This time, he wouldn't go back to sleep. And again, Grandma came to the rescue. She apparently gets up at 4am every day, and she heard him, saved me and, again, I got to sleep until 8:30. Today, he was up at 5. Dad came in and hung out with him until about 5:30, when I made him a bottle and got him back to sleep. Still, I went ahead and got ready for work and was here before 7. Surprisingly enough, I'm only on my first cup of coffee. I think there will be plenty more to come, though, before an eventual, unavoidable midday crash.

I have no idea what's going on with Isaac's newfound desire to greet the day before the sun comes up. I really, really hope it has something to do with the fact that we were away from home and that, starting tonight (Lord willing my crappy landlord decides to do something about our heating situation), everything will go back to normal and Isaac will not wake up before 7am any day this week.

His disposition has been great. He's woken up every morning in a good mood, ready to play, crawling all over me, which would be great if it weren't so freakin' early. What a psycho.


Shelly Collins said...

Is Isaac over his early mornings?

hwall said...

Ha! I wish. We were up at 5 today. I had to go back home after taking him to Grandma's and get another hour and a half of sleep in. I didn't think there was any other way for me to make it through the day.


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