Friday, March 27, 2009

More gushing

I love getting kisses from my Little Man. Whenever I want a kiss, I lean toward him with my mouth wide open and say, "Aaaahhh." That's because, when he first started giving kisses, they were always these huge, wet, drooly kisses that he gave with his mouth open as wide as possible. Now he gives kisses with his lips shut, but he still understands that a wide-mouthed "aaaahhhhh" is the sign that I want one. He leans in and presses his little lips against mine for the sweetest kiss anyone could ever receive.

The very best, though, are the kisses that he gives without my asking for them. Sometimes, especially in the evening after I get him from Gramma's, he'll just look at me and then lean over and press his lips to mine without any warning or reason at all. Those are the absolute best. My kid is pretty awesome, yo.


Rachey said...

Awww those are so sweet! I am taking advantage of the fact that Noah can't stop me from kissing him by kissing him the ALL THE TIME, haha! I can't wait till he voluntarily does it back to me. He put his head down on my shoulder the other day and Troy and I were talking about how fun it will be to get those nice big hugs later on, thanks for sharing!!

Shelly Collins said...

Enjoy them while you can, Wilder is already not too fond of kissing. :( Gwyn though, she's pretty affectionate!


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