Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm Okay, You're Okay

Dear friends and family,

Today, two really nice ladies named Rachel and Susie from Soonerstart came to my house to play with me. At first, I was a little nervous because they were strangers, but my mom and grandma were there, too, and they said the ladies were really nice. Plus, they had all these fun toys for me to play with, like balls and slinkys and stuff. They asked my mom lots of questions about me, and I was like, "Hello? I'm right here. I can answer my own questions, thankyouverymuch." So I talked to the ladies a lot and they thought I was very cute and funny.

Then, one of the ladies made me lay on my tummy. At first I was pretty mad, but she gave me a ball to play with, so it was OK. But then she started making my sit up and lay back down and try to crawl, but all I wanted to do was play with this really cool ball so I got kind of mad at her. Plus, my nose is still runny and when you don't feel very good, you definitely don't want to be messed with. The lady showed my mom how to help me rotate from a sitting up position to a crawling position, and even though I didn't like it very much when the lady did it, I think it'll be OK when mom does it.

When they finished playing with me and talking to my mom, the ladies said I didn't qualify for their program because my development is not delayed like my mom thought it might be. (See, mom?) They told my mom she could practice crawling with me more and make sure I get lots more tummy time (even though I hate it), but, other than that, I am just perfect.

Well, I knew that.

Just thought you guys would like to know! I'm going to go now and see if I can trick my grandma into getting me a cookie.



cyclefreaks said...

Yay!!! I am cracking up at his face in this picture but excited for the happy news. But yes, we all knew he was perfect already anyway.


Indian food soon?

Shelly Collins said...

Dear Isaac, I'm glad you decided to let everyone know you'll do things when you're ready. Those Sooner Start people sure are nice aren't they?


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