Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Things About Isaac

1. His mouth is welcoming teeth Nos. 6 and 7 right now.

2. He's got two sets of shape blocks, one plastic and one wooden, and out of both, his favorites are the blue, round ones. He'll pull the blocks out of their respective boxes and toss them aside one by one, but every time he gets a hold of the blue ones, all of which happen to be round shapes, he'll hang onto them and continue to toss the others out.

3. He no longer wants his baby food, but he'll eat anything I give him off of my plate.

4. He refuses to hold his own bottle or sippy cup. He's done it before, but he won't do it on a regular basis.

5. He loves to stand up, and he'll walk across a room holding onto an adults fingers. He'll take a few steps and then kick his feet wildly in a sort of stomp dance as he giggles with delight.

6. Any time his immediate family members enter a room, he insists they hold him. He holds his arms out and says, "Eh! Eh!" until said person holds him. They don't have to hold him long, just for about a minute and then he's ready to go back to whomever was holding him previously.

7. He's really shy around new people and places. It usually takes him about an hour to warm up and start acting like himself around anyone new.

8. He loves football. Seriously. Anything else can be on TV and he won't pay much attention, but if football's on, he's captivated. Dammit.

9. He loves buttons. He's always trying to bite the buttons on my blouses. I worry that one day he'll pull one off and choke on it.

10. He gets really, really concerned whenever he sees someone crying or upset. He looks at you with the sweetest look in his big blue eyes and you immediately feel at least 100 percent better.

11. He loves music and does this sort of head bang dance and bounces up and down whenever he hears any.

12. He's very needy and almost always wants attention and interaction. Which is OK.

13. When he was born, he was huge. Now he's measuring in around the 25th-50th percentile of babies his age. What a runt.

14. Because he's so long and thin, I have a hard time finding pants that fit. Everything that fits in length is too big in the waist, and his pants are always falling off his little bottom.

15. He has the cutest little bottom ever.

16. He hates having his nose boogies picked, a trait we're realizing now that he's sick AGAIN. I'm breastfeeding why?? Is it working? Are these things on? Anyway, I'm pretty sure I would hate someone else's finger or an aspirator in my nose, too. He screams bloody murder.

17. His favorite toys are the TV remote controls, my cell phone and paper.

18. He loves taking things out of baskets and boxes. He has yet to learn how to put them back in.

19. Since John has been hanging around so much lately, he is really getting to know and love his Daddy.

20. But he's still a momma's boy.

21. Rather than slap them with the palm of his hand, he now pushes the buttons on his toys with one finger.

22. He has the sweetest, most adorable laugh in the whole world. And he laughs a lot. He's a very happy, good-natured baby.

23. He has never had an ear infection (knock on wood), thanks to his OMT treatments.

24. He looks his absolute cutest (according to mom) when he's wearing his jammies. I don't know what it is, but I think he looks so adorable in his pajamas.

25. His momma loves him more than she ever knew she could.


cyclefreaks said...

I love these posts! :)

What is it about baby butts? And the pajama thing too... SO freaking adorable.

Shelly Collins said...

I love this list. (Probably not as much as you enjoyed writing it though!)


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