Thursday, January 1, 2009


I’ve never taken New Year’s resolutions very seriously. Now that I have Isaac, I take everything more seriously. But I hope to think of these less as resolutions, which are apt to be cast aside the minute they interfere with the convenience of my life, but more as goals for 2009 and years beyond.

  1. Stop eating fast food.
  2. Eat fewer processed foods. (Maybe in 2010 I’ll be able to eliminate them completely! Or 2011…)
  3. Take more walks.
  4. Run…? (Can you be tentatively resolved about something? If so, that’s what I am about running.)
  5. Spend less money.
  6. Use less stuff.
  7. Be more generous.
  8. Plant a garden.
  9. Be more patient (especially when driving).
  10. Send freelance queries to a couple of national magazines I’ve been eying for the past six months.
  11. Stop being so lazy about it and get Isaac to sleep in his own bed.
  12. Be a really, really good mom.

This is a lot, I think, for a person to put on her plate in one year. Oh, well. I’ve always been the ambitious sort. I’m keeping these on my blog permanently as reminders to myself. Sorry if they annoy you. :)


cyclefreaks said...

Happy new year! i need to make a list this year.

mylifebyfood said...

Someone get this woman a massage!


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