Wednesday, December 17, 2008

O Tannenbaum

That's me, brushing up on my German for our impending trip. Although, our trip likely won't be for at least another year, and, even then, we'll probably go during the spring or summer when the word "Christmas tree" (or the song, for that matter) won't really do me much good. Still, it's always nice to get into the Christmas spirit and also exercise your tongue in a foreign language at the same time. That, and about all I can remember these days from my high school German class are the Christmas carols and a few catch phrases (Gunter ist mein Freund. Ich wohne gleich um die Ecke.) I'm pretty sure I could still make a mean Muesli, too. But these days, you can buy that stuff in a box on the cereal aisle.

Anyway, back to the point: Christmas. You know how I said I didn't want the season to escape me too quickly, how I wanted to be able to enjoy and savor every moment? Well, what I should have said was, "FAT CHANCE!" Christmas is next week! Yeah, the shopping's done, the presents are wrapped, the stockings are hung with care, but I still feel like I need more time to enjoy the giddy, before-Christmas anticipation. Because, after next week, it's all over, folks. (Too bad this arctic air won't leave with it.)

Last weekend Isaac visited the Santa that sets up shop in Utica Square. And I've made it to a few of my favorite holiday shows. I saw the naughty holiday cabaret at Nightingale (hilarious, my friends) and on Sunday I'll see Tulsa Ballet's The Nutcracker.

I think I'd like to take Isaac back to Rhema one more time before Christmas, and then on Wednesday evening he'll be with John and with me and the entire Wall clan on Christmas day. I'm excited, but I'm also excitedly willing time to slow down just a bit.

Here is our Tannenbaum. This was actually meant to be a practice shot before I made my dad take about 30 pictures of us (one of which will end up in the Christmas cards I have to send out TODAY), but I figured it was a nice enough representation of our tree to post it here. This is our first white tree, although I've wanted one for a couple of years. I found some super groovy Christmas ornaments and a blinking LED peace sign tree topper online at Urban Outfitters (and on sale!) that I'll probably get for next year.

This is Isaac's first ornament. I struggled (well, maybe "struggled" isn't the right word. I "debated") with whether or not to get the cute but generic "Baby's First Christmas" ornament or this one. In the end, I decided on this one. When Isaac was a newborn, until he was about two months old, he used to thrust his arms into the air, his fists clenched, like he was soaring through the clouds a la Superman.

We called him "Superbaby." We still do, sometimes, just for fun. And because he is pretty super.

Here is one version of the photo that will eventually end up in our Christmas cards. Sorry to spoil the surprise for those of you who will be receiving one of said cards. Merry Christmas, anyway!


Shelly Collins said...

I can't wait to get my card! (you better send me one). Wish I would have got around to getting cards out. Isn't Christmas fun. We get to relive our fun Christmas memories as kids through our little ones!

cyclefreaks said...

Hey! Brunette! Yay!

I have a card for you guys too... unresponsive husband was supposed to ask for your address. I figure if he never gets around to it, I'll give it to you at the party. :)


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