Monday, December 1, 2008

In the holiday mood

I-Man and I had a really great weekend. Thursday with the fam was a lot of fun--probably more fun than I anticipated it being. Isaac was very patient with all the new, strange family members who wanted to take their turns holding and coddling him. On Friday, he spent some time with his dad while my mom and I bought and set up a new tree--a white one, which I have been wanting for a couple of years now. We also visited the Philbrook gift shop, where I got the absolute coolest stocking stuffers for my little man. Don't tell him... they're board books that incorporate famous works of art in stories for kids. I bought three. Couldn't help myself.

Isaac loves our tree. He loves the lights and the shiny glass ornaments. I love that it's pre-lit. :) Growing up, it was tradition for our family to decorate our tree the evening after Thanksgiving. I want to start that same tradition with Isaac.

Friday night, Mom, Dad, Uncle Stinky (that's what I-Man calls Brother) and Isaac and I went to see the lights at Rhema. Isaac was pretty excited by those, too. He was kind of in a trance. As we were making our way to the gazebo to get Isaac's picture taken with Santa, he fell asleep. Maybe it wasn't the lights that were putting him in a trance but sheer exhaustion. Either way, we had a good time.

Here, more examples of Isaac's impeccable cuteness. These don't have much to do with Christmas, but I don't care. Enjoy them anyway.

I'm so worried that the holidays are going to fly by and I'm not going to enjoy them as much as I should. They tend to fly by anyway, but combining that with our busy schedules, me working too much, trying to spend as much time as possible with I-Man just makes me think that, if I'm not careful, they could slip by so quickly that I don't have time to enjoy them. I refuse to get stressed out this year. I've already got about half of my Christmas shopping done, and I've spent the last couple of evenings, after Isaac goes to sleep, wrapping my gifts with recycled brown butcher paper and reusable Better Bags from Whole Foods. I found a couple of recipes for milk-based paint online, so I think, after the holidays, Isaac and I will fingerpaint our wrapping paper. I've needed artwork to hang on my walls since I moved into this new place, and I'm going to get it! :)


cyclefreaks said...

he is so dang cute. His expressions are priceless!!

cyclefreaks said...

PS: So funny about Uncle Stinky...we call Mark Uncle Poo Poo for absolutely no reason.

Tasha said...

So cute! I love your white tree!!

How fun that you're going to Dallas...I'm jealous! Is it just the two of you going? Enjoy your time away!

I would love to go to Utica Square with you...I want Miles' picture made with Santa, as well. We tried this weekend, and it was an ABSOLUTE no-go! However, he was taken in the little house by his grandpa, so I have a theory that if I'm the one who takes him in (and possibly sits next to him), he'll do ok...we shall see. So, did you say next week was good for you?

Have a safe and FUN trip!
Miss you.

Tasha said...

Fun...glad your mom is going, that should make things even more enjoyable!

The line wasn't long when we were there, on Saturday, so I would guess that Sunday should be fine. Maybe earlier, like around church time, it may be less busy. Oh, and do you have my home phone number? If not text me, and I'll text it to you. I've been using that phone more, since my cell is usually lost in a diaper bag or on vibrate ;)

Glad his teether wasn't recalled!


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