Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Isaac's First Meal

On Sun., Nov. 2, Isaac enjoyed (?) his first meal of solid food, which consisted of locally grown, organic, pureed sweet potatoes. He's been really interested in food for a few weeks now, and he's not easily satiated by nursing alone anymore. I've been nursing every couple of hours in the evening and sometimes still following up with a bottle of formula.

I felt like Isaac was really ready for food, but he may not be. As you can see below, he didn't have a very good reaction to the sweet potatoes, and the two times I've offered them since this meal, he's refused. I've given him a little taste of banana, which didn't warrant a much better reaction than the sweet potatoes did, and I think next week I'm going to give avocados a shot. If we need to wait a little longer, we will.

I'm trying to keep my expectations low and try not to rush anything, but, for some reason, I had it in my head that Isaac's first meal would be met with laughter, excitement and lots of "mmmm" noises. It was nothing like that. I think he was just really confused and put off by the texture (though I tried to make it as runny and smooth as possibly) and the taste (I added breastmilk as an attempt at familiarity, but I don't know if it helped).

I think most "first"moments will probably not go as I plan or expect, so I'll just try to enjoy them for what their worth. Although Isaac didn't necessarily like his sweet potatoes (at one point, he gagged. I think that's when we quit), it was fun for me to watch him experience his first taste of "real" food (I do not count the bread or Cool Whip my parents gave him). My only regret is that these photos turned out so blurry. It's hard to feed a baby and capture the perfect image at the same time!

Isaac's first meal. Mmm... tantalizing. I think he liked the idea of getting his hands in this more than he liked actually having it in his mouth.

First taste! (Isaac: "Mom! What the hell is this?")

He was much more interested in sucking on his bib than he was ingesting the orange goop I was giving him.

"Mom, no! Why are you punishing me? What did I do?"

"Are we done yet? No more orange goop?"

"Fine, mom. You take the picture and I'll feed myself."

"That's enough. This isn't fun anymore. Put the camera down."


Shelly Collins said...

OMG! Photo explosion, I love it! You were busy today! He is so cute, I love his little expressions.
Lunch Friday?

cyclefreaks said...

He is so cute. I am happy to see that someone else had the same reaction to the sweet potatoes. Kaia pretty much has that same reaction to everything we try, except runny oatmeal. She FINALLY ate applesauce this week, but the rest of it, she just seems fine to do without. she gags on stuff too. it's horrible but i can't help but laugh. :)


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