Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a wiener

My little hot dog. John and I took Isaac to our friends Jeremy and Kristin's house. They live in a newer neighborhood in Jenks near a lot of other young couples with babies and young children. We took Isaac and their 8-month-old son Turner around the neighborhood and visited the other folks in the neighborhood that we know. We even collected a little candy. :)
Later, we went back to the Roops' house, ate pizza and let the boys play.

Isaac eventually ate through the wrapper, and when I took it away from him, he wasn't too happy.

Isaac's friend Turner, who was a giraffe and loved to give kisses.

As you can see, Isaac got a little tired of Turner's kisses. Turner would grab him by the shirt and I think it kind of scared Isaac. Of course, all I did was laugh and take pictures, so I'm sure he felt completely abandoned, like I was just going to let this little baby attack him and not do anything about it.

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