Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Before BooHaHa. I asked him whether he'd like to be the Tootise Roll or the hot dog, and I let him decide. He leaned toward the Tootsie Roll. :)

John thought he looked like a nun. I guess he kind of did.

BooHaHa was actually pretty uneventful. We fought the crowds to get to the costume contest and then ended up not even entering. We were number 58 in the zero to 2 age range, and some of the older kids (the ones who could walk) were wearing some pretty elaborate costumes. We figured that, even if we did wait in line, Isaac probably wouldn't win. And he was sleeping anyway. He slept through almost the entire day. We made it back down to Brookside Body Piercing where I visited my friends Megan and Lauren, and then we went home. I think next year we'll just go watch the parade, and maybe in a few more years, when Isaac is older and can actually get something out of it, we'll do the trick-or-treating.

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