Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The World's Most Amazing Baby

I wrote this yesterday evening...

Isaac rolled over today. All by himself. When I arrived at my parents’ house this afternoon to pick him up, my mom told me he rolled over during tummy time. I made a deal with myself, though, that, if Isaac did something for the first time while I was at work, it doesn’t count. It only counts if I see it. If he does it while I’m there, then it’s the first time.

Still at my parents’ house, I put him on his tummy on a blanket on the floor and watched as he struggled to hoist his little body over onto his back. He’d stick his butt up in the air, bringing his knees forward to his chest, and kick off with his feet, attempting to catapult his body to the side (the right side) and onto his back. It took about five attempts, and he rolled over. I screamed and clapped and praised him relentlessly. He looked a little unnerved by my reaction, like he wasn’t sure what the big deal was. I rolled him back over on his tummy, and, after about four tries, he rolled over onto his back again. I clapped and cheered and told him what a smart, strong, amazing baby boy his was. Obviously this was the first time in the history of the world a baby ever rolled over. It was his momma’s proudest moment thus far.

Of course, I rolled him over again, hoping to see him accomplish this amazing feat just one more time, but he seemed tired and annoyed, and he fussed as he attempted to launch his body over. After the third attempt, when he was about three-quarters of the way over, I gave him a little push to help him onto his back. Yes, I know he could have done it himself, but I felt a fit coming on that I wanted to avoid. I didn’t even think to grab the camera; I was so caught up in the moment. Next time I’ll be sure to provide photographic proof of his accomplishment.

He’s also trying more and more to sit up. I’ve stopped putting him in his bouncy seat so much because I worry that forcing him into such a reclined position might keep him from sitting up. But even when I do set him in it, he attempts to sit up, pulling his body up straight and tight before losing his balance and falling over to the side. I straighten him out and he does it all over again. I put him in his Bumbo more and more now and set him in front of this mirrored, blinking, music-playing toy I got for him at the Just Between Friends sale. He kicks it and hits the buttons to make it light up and play nursery rhymes. He’s become much more interested in toys over the last couple of weeks, and our prized possession is this Leap Frog caterpillar also purchased at the sale. I mean it when I say “we.” I love that thing as much (maybe more) as he does.

Speaking of the sale, I went last Saturday on half-price day and got tons and tons of winter clothes in 6-9 months, and I’ve put him in a couple of sleepers (he gets colder in his crib than he did sleeping with me), and they already fit him. Now I’m worried that by the time it’s cold enough to wear all of the clothes I bought, they’ll be too small and he’ll have to go all winter stark naked. I’m thinking of swinging by the Broken Arrow sale this weekend and picking up a few things in 12 months just in case. I love an excuse to shop for my little man.

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cyclefreaks said...

I have a similar clothing problem going on... you can always pack him up and hit the Stillwater sale, Adorable Affordables. :) Kaia has a TON of summer stuff that she will be able to wear oh... probably around January. Nothing like a little sunsuit in the snow! Dammit all! Isaac still weighs more than she does, but she is definitely catching up...


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