Thursday, September 18, 2008

Moving On, Moving Up

Wed., Oct. 1 will be my last day at UTW. I've accepted a position at the Tulsa Business Journal as Assistant Editor, and I'm really excited about the new opportunity. I'd been looking to move on for some time now, so I was surprised at the mixed emotions that sort of rushed at me when Stephen made the offer. I expected to feel overjoyed, and I did, but I also felt nervous and a little scared. I've spent two and a half years at UTW, and, until recently, they'd been really, really good years. I'd been so miserable of late that I'd sort of forgotten how much I used to love my job. In an instant, I was reminded of how much I've learned and grown while working here, and I'm very, very appreciative of that.

I'm also appreciative of where I'm going, of starting a new chapter and of working in an enviornment where I feel valued and respected. It's almost funny that, while interviewing for TBJ, I was all-of-a-sudden reminded that I am someone with experience and talent. I am someone worth having as an employee who has a lot to offer any company. Dammit! It's crazy that I had somehow forgotten all these things. And I didn't realize I had forgotten until I remembered.

It hasn't all been bad, but the last few months haven't been good. I'm excited to move on to a less stressful, more rewarding work enviornment. I'm tired of going home angry and of having my work life affect my home life. When my home life revolves around my son, it's not worth it to be unhappy.

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cyclefreaks said...

Congrats on the new job! I understand completely about not realizing you had forgotten you were talented... seems like a funny thing to say, but UTW has the ability to suck the life right out of you. ;) LOL Cory & I had a lot of fun working there, but boy, we never regret moving on. Kudos to you.


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