Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Green Tulsa

I started a new blog called Green Tulsa (http://greentulsa.blogspot.com) after hearing about an blog started and maintained by the Oklahoma Sustainability Network called Fresh Greens (http://freshgreens.typepad.com). Fresh Greens involves various members of OSN blogging about sustainability issues specific to Oklahoma City, and I hope Green Tulsa will do the same for Tulsa.

This is one of those instances where, after hearing about Fresh Greens, I asked if there is anything similar to it in Tulsa. Then someone said, "Why don't you start one?" And so, I've added yet another thing to my list.

I've got a handful of people who've said they'd be willing to contribute monthly blogs, but so far, only one person has actually sent me something (but it's not posted yet). If you or anyone you know is interested in participating, I'd love to have some more help.

Until then, please visit the blog and leave your comments and constructive criticisms!

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