Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This week and the last have been like a breath of fresh air, almost 100 percent stress free! When I planned my maternity leave, I figured I would work up until it was time to have the baby because I didn't see a need to take weeks off in advance. The closer I get, though, the more I see the need! I get more and more exhausted every day, and the stress I was feeling at work, especially during the production of the special insert, the Spring Thing, wasn't helping. I found myself resenting being at work and wishing I could just stay home, put my swollen feet up and prepare for Isaac's arrival. Last week and this week, though, I've handed over all of my duties and responsibilities to our Editorial Assistant Katie and made it clear that I'm here for moral support and to answer questions. I've also been working on finalizing the Swimsuit Issue, but that's been more fun than anything else. These two weeks will be great for Katie because they'll give her an opportunity to practice doing my job while I'm still here to guide her, and they're great for me because they have allowed me a little time to relax and focus my attention more on having the baby. I take leave a week from today, and I'm hoping I have a few days at home to read and relax before Isaac comes.

I don't want that much time to pass, though, because my doctor has already threatened my with induction if Isaac doesn't come pretty quickly after my due date, which is April 12. (I really love my doctor, by the way, and I'm sure she isn't actually threatening me; I just really, really don't want to be induced.) I know having the pitocin in my system will make it so much more difficult, if not impossible, to have Isaac naturally, so I'm hoping to go into labor spontaneously. So, during the first few days of my maternity leave, I'm planning to take many, many walks.

The thing I'm working on now is choosing a pediatrician. I'm hoping to find someone who is open to natural and holistic healing and will try those methods over medicine whenever possible. I also want a doctor who will support my decision, should I make it, not to vaccinate Isaac or to at least delay his vaccinations. I know that the doctors at the Young People's Clinic have more natural attitudes toward medicine, but I've heard it can be difficult to get into that group. If anyone has any other suggestions for local, natural doctors, I'd love to hear them. As for the vaccinations, I haven't really made any decisions except that I do want to put Isaac on an alternative schedule if I do choose to have him vaccinated. I got Dr. Sears' The Vaccine Book, which actually provides a non-biased explanation of what the vaccines are, how they're made, what the risks and rewards are and how prevalent and dangerous the diseases they are meant to prevent are. I've only read the first couple of chapters (still trying to finish Ina May and my hypnobirthing book), but they've been really informative. Through my reading, I've come to the conclusion that some of the vaccines may be necessary, but others are meant to prevent diseases that are so rare, it's unlikely your child will get them. And since I plan to breastfeed as long as possible and not put Isaac into any kind of daycare setting,his risk of getting those diseases has lessened that much. I know no matter what I choose, the decision will be a difficult one, and I'll probably be more likely to immunize him once he starts going to school and interacting with other children. But until then, it's my hope that I can keep as many toxins out of his body as possible.

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Tina said...

Hey sweetie! I just found your blog through myspace, so I'm catching up on old posts, and I'll be reading it regularly from now on.

Young People's Clinic was actually my pediatrician for a long time, I think we stop going there when Mom stopped working at Wal-Mart. I remember absolutely loving it while I went there.

You know, my mom's kind of a closet hippie - my birth was 100% natural with no drugs at all, and it was in a "birthing section" of the hospital (which they don't have anymore), but it was more like an apartment than a hospital room.

Just trying to say, don't be shy to ask my mom stuff, too - after all, she did raise three kids in Tulsa, and is essentially raising Michael, as well, and she's all about doing things naturally (I think that might be the "farm girl" in her). I'll let her know that I told you not to be shy about asking her questions.


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