Sunday, April 6, 2008

Still no baby

I went to the doctor last Thursday and found out, much to my chagrin, that I haven't started dilating at all. I've been having a lot of contractions over the past few weeks, and I hoped at least some of them were getting me somewhere. And, I had a dream the night before my appointment that I was at four centimeters and ready for my water to be broken. I had hoped it was an omen, but it would appear it was just wishful thinking. I have another appointment Wednesday, and until then, my plan is to walk and squat, walk and squat. I'm hoping I can get myself dilated at least enough that Dr. Larson will just break my water and not give me any pitocin.

In the meantime, Tuesday is my last day at work, and I'm really happy that I'll have a few days to keep my feet up and catch up on my reading. And Tasha has volunteered to come over and help my practice some relaxation exercises that will help during Isaac's birth. Having someone present at my birth who has delivered a child naturally and who is getting certified to help other women deliver naturally, has given me so much more confidence that I'll be able to have a happy, natural experience. Now, if only we could get this show on the road! I wouldn't be so eager to get labor started, except that I don't want to be induced. So, if anyone has any tips (I already know about sex and Castor oil), let me know!

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Shelly Collins said...

Changing your blog from blue to pink...hope you don't get a surprise little girl! ha.


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