Monday, March 23, 2009

Signs I may be doing something wrong...

So, about a week and a half ago, our TV broke, and I haven't gotten around to fixing it or getting a new one. Isaac is really fond of playing with the remote, and he totally knows if I'm giving him a placebo remote or the real thing. He knows when he's pushing buttons and making something happen on the TV. Since ours has been broken, he'll push the buttons, look up at the TV, push the buttons harder and then grunt in annoyance when nothing happens. Today, he picked up the remote, pointed it at the TV with one hand and let out a little yelp of anger when nothing happened. I'm not sure whether to think he's a genius baby for understanding how the remote works or to think I'm a horrible mother because he understands how the remote works.

Also, last Friday after work Isaac and I went to McNellie's with a group of pals that included my friend Natasha and her son Sam, who is almost exactly two months older than Isaac. Babies tend to be a little handsy with each other, and Sam has certainly grabbed Isaac's shirt and screamed in his face before, but he was on his absolute best behavior this afternoon. When Natasha's husband Aron set Sam next to Isaac so the two could play, Isaac immediately smacked Sam in the face. Sam took it in stride, but when he went to touch Isaac's face -- gently, even -- Isaac burst into tears. Twice. Is he going to be the kid who always packs up his toys and goes home crying? I sure hope not. I don't mind a little sensitivity in a man, but I don't want it to be crippling!

In other news (who needs CNN with headlines like these?) Isaac is no longer nursing. As of last week. After a few nights apart and since I'm no longer pumping at work, my body has stopped producing enough milk to sustain him. And I'm OK with it. I wanted to be able to nurse a year, but I'm more than happy we made it 11 months (tomorrow!). Since I'm not nursing, I've stopped feeding Isaac at night. It's been a little more tiring, since I've had to actually get out of bed (sometimes) to console him when he wakes, but I think the long-term effect is going to be him sleeping through the night. Over the weekend he slept all night until 5:30 Saturday, Sunday and today. Why now he thinks he needs to get up at 5:30am is beyond me, and I sure wish he would cut it out. We're still co-sleeping, and I still love it because, at times, I can just pull him closer and ease him to sleep. I'm sure, at some point, we'll we wean from the co-sleeping as well, but I rather enjoy the extra time with him since I have to work during the day.


cyclefreaks said...

I feel ya on the extra sleep time thing. I love cuddling with her but I do think that needs to end too. She sleeps so restlessly (is that a real word?) that it keeps us up, even when she does sleep through the night.

Kudos to you for nursing as long as you did. I had no idea how exhausting it all would be. I expected peace and glee and all I got was machine-induced agony! But anyway, we do what we can and then we move on, right?

(and just for the record, I've had the same fear about Kaia... that she is going to be so attached to us that she will never, ever have a slumber party or friends to play with...) :)

Shelly Collins said...

Well so far Gwyn is addicted to the television, the computer, and my cell phone especially. Whatcha gonna do? At my dad's house she has her own special drawer of old remotes that are just for her!

I think I'd go with the "he's just extra smart" idea!

Yes, you should feel great for nursing as long as you did. Just think, you're getting your boobs back, yippee! (although they'll never be the same) I was a little reluctant to give up the cosleeping too, I say don't be in a hurry like you said :)


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