Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hey, Yoo Gu-uys! (Insert Goonies-style inflection here.)

Step 1: Go to The Brook (or anywhere else local literature is available).
Step 2: Pick up a Tulsa Kids.
Step 3: Turn to page 11.
Step 4: Coo and giggle over the adorable little man in the Lunedby's Eco Baby ad.
Step 5: Show all your friends.

Can you tell I'm proud? Probably the best part of the whole thing was Isaac's reaction to it. We sat down at my parents' dining room table with the magazine, and the looked at and grinned at and touched his photo. He'd turn his face up to mine and smile and then go back to staring at his photo. We looked at photos of other kids in the magazine, and he didn't have that reaction, so I'm sure he recognized himself.

Still, I wonder if maybe we shouldn't have used this photo:

Or, this one:

Sure, neither of them have anything to do with Tiffany's store, but they're pretty adorable.

Physical Therapy update:
The therapist my doctor wanted us to see isn't in our insurance network, so we will be going through Soonerstart, which will take a bit more time but is totally free. They're processing our request now, and, in about a week, we should have an appointment. I'm wondering if, by then, we'll even need one. Since Friday, Isaac has been pulling himself up to stand. Mostly, he pulls up on me when we're sitting next to one another, but he does it completely on his own without any help from me. He's also pulled up in his pack-n-play at my parents' house and, yesterday, while I was trying to put on his shoes, he sat up (he was laying down), leaned forward and got on his hands and knees like he wanted to crawl. So, who knows, maybe he will be ready sooner than we though. I do appreciate everyone who encouraged me to see the positive side of the physical therapy possibility and who assured me my son's slow development wasn't my fault. :) Love you guys!


Maria said...

Different children develop at different rates. I'm happy for you that he's going through a developmental spurt so you don't have to worry as much!

Shelly Collins said...

Thank you for sharing this adorable face!


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