Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Isaac update

So, I think Isaac may have crawled tonight. We were laying in bed, and I was trying to get him to go to sleep, and, all of a sudden, he flipped over onto his belly. Normally, he hates being on his belly, and he screams and cries during tummy time. Tonight, though, he laughed and giggled and squirmed around like he might be trying to inch his way forward. I put a toy just out of arm's reach as a motivator, but instead of crawling toward it, he just flipped back and forth from his tummy to his back. Pretty soon, on his hands and knees, pushing off with his feet against the mattress, he crawled (I think)! But he didn't crawl forward, he crawled sideways, toward me. I think that counts. Right?

On Sunday, while we were at my parents' house, I was reading the newspaper, and Isaac kept grabbing for the paper. We gave him a page, and he began to rip it in halves, always discarding the half in his right hand. He kept ripping the paper over and over, until he had a piece that was just about bite-sized. He started to put it in his mouth, but I caught him and took it away from him. He started to throw one of his Isaac Fits (which he's getting really, really good at), and I held the bit of paper out to him. Instead of taking it from my hand, he opened his mouth and aimed it toward the bit of paper. Gosh, I wish I had video of that one. I'm not sure it comes across in writing quite as hilarious as it actually was. He repeated that process for about an hour, and then again tonight for about 30 minutes with some junk mail.


Natasha said...

Oh squee, c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g! Well, squee for everyone who doesn't have to chase him 24/7...=)

The scary looking mouth-to-item move! It's one of my favorites. Sam gets all breathy and very, very focused-looking when he does it. It's like they're saying to the paper, "This is the way it ends, little friend..."

cyclefreaks said...

heehee, that is hilarious. Kaia has done that as well and it makes me giggle every time. And inching sideways most definitely counts as crawling. Get ready to be BUSY!

Tasha said...

Oops...I accidentally posted this reply on my own blog ;)

I have not! Wow, that is amazing. I am more than thrilled about Tulsa FINALLY having a birthing center. I've been thinking a lot about future birthing, and how I'm not completely comfortable with home birth, yet no part of me is excited about another hospital birth...so YEA! And a Naturopath?! Awesome. The only one, in Tulsa, (that I know of) only does house calls. How great to finally have alternative maternity (& beyond) options, in Tulsa!

The last Children's Health & Wellness meeting I attended, Heather spoke about how she and Tiffany would love to open this facility, but I gathered that it was no where in the near future, then (WOW!) here it is! That's really great. Did she tell you the good news, or did you find out some other way?

Thanks for sharing...stoked!

Tasha said...

Oh, and YEA for Isaac rolling over!! Woohoo. Miles is one step closer to running amuck with his little buddy.


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