Monday, January 26, 2009

I defy you, medical professionals

Today I took Isaac to the doctor for his nine-month check-up. (I know, I can't believe he's already nine months old, either. In three tiny little months, my tiny little baby will be a toddler. I'm so not ready.)

Just as the doctor and I were determining that Isaac is healthy and perfect, she asked about crawling and pulling up. I told her he's doing neither. He doesn't seem too interested in crawling and he hates tummy time. He's attempted to pull himself up once or twice, but he's never made it off his bottom. She put him on his tummy, checked out his arms and watched him push his chest off the table and said he may or may not have some upper body weakness. She's going to send us to a physical therapist to have his upper body strength assessed and find out if he needs any kind of therapy or special training, either at home or with a professional.

If he is developing poorly, it's mine and his grandparents' fault. We've never put him on his tummy as much as is recommended by those in the medical community. We'd just rather not watch him writhe and cry on the floor. I actually never thought my son would be delayed in any of his developments (what mother does?), and I'm still not convinced he actually is. I guess we'll just see what the physical therapist has to say. Until then, instead of focusing on what he can'tt do, I'm going to focus on what he can do:

1. Clap his hands. He claps when he's happy or excited or when one of the adults in his life cheers "yay, Isaac!" (which we often do).
2. Splash in the tub. I was so excited when I taught him how to do this, until I realized I'll never make it through another bath dry. Still, he gets the cutest, goofiest grin on his face every time his hands hit the water.
3. Give high-five. His Nana taught him this over the weekend.
4. Walk holding onto a grown-up's fingers. Sometimes his steps are very calculated, and other times he gets so excited that his feet just sort of spazz in the direction he wants to go.
5. Cruise along the coffee table.
6. Eat small bits of veggies and processed Gerber snacks.
7. Give hugs and kisses. The best hugs and kisses.
8. Squeal with delight.
9. Yell or "cough" to get attention.
10. Growl.


cyclefreaks said...

Ah well, a little weakness isn't a big deal. He'll have fun at physical therapy. I wish you were here so he could go to the therapist at my gym/former employer. She's really great.

Try not to worry about it. I still think babies just do things at their own pace and if he doesn't want to crawl, who cares? He clearly already has an interest in walking. Not all babies crawl.

Natasha said...

If kiddo can cruise, I'll place my bets that everything is fine. After all, it's the medical community that also tells us that some babies skip crawling altogether and go straight to walking.

Doctors sometimes. I dunno.

Tasha said...

Yea for all of Isaac's accomplishments!

As for the physical therapist, it's probably good that you're going, as it will hopefully give you peace of mind...with that being said, you could have (more than likely) gone to a different doctor, the same day, and had the issue brushed off until his 12 month exam. Having had 3 different doctors for Mr. Miles, I experienced such varying opinions on development and health care.

Babies develop at amazingly different paces. It sounds as though Isaac might just be saving all of his energy for walking ;)

As for tummy time, I'm no expert, but I also did not force it on Miles. He hated (HATED) being on his tummy, and I figured that he wasn't gaining much from it, if he was crying the entire time. So, I didn't force it. Moral of the story...don't be so quick to blame yourself or your parents. You're a great mom, and you take wonderful care of Baby Isaac (still calling him baby...for a few more months anyway!).

Give Isaac a little hug from me ;)

Tasha said...

Thanks for the comments! I didn't take Miles out in it last year (except on the porch for one really quick snapshot). What do babies do in the snow before they're walking anyway?? Tummy time? Haha, don't think so. Just wait, Isaac will LOVE it next year!

Shelly Collins said...

Well I would have to echo what everyone else has said so far. No worries! Seriously good accomplishments!

Looking forward to catching up on Friday.


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