Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Things

I've done something similar to this before. I think Tasha tagged me once with "10 Things." Anyway, someone on Facebook tagged me, and I thought it would be fun to post this here, too. I'll go ahead and tag Tasha, Shelly and Stephanie. I know these ladies have beau coups of free time in which they love to spout off random nonsense about themselves. Ladies, you can thank me later. I prefer chocolate chip cookies to greeting cards.

1. I can't tell time. Not well, anyway. It takes a while.
2. I have one tattoo, but I want more. LOTS more. Just working up my nerve...
3. I think about changing careers every other day. Some days, I want to be a nurse. Others, I want to own a retail business. Mostly, I wish I could be a SAHM.
4. I have no inherent artistic ability. As a kid I painted, and I did theatre throughout high school, but I worked really, really hard at them. The only thing that has ever come naturally to me is writing.
5. I want at least four kids. I want to birth one more and adopt two. I decided this last week.
6. Kristi, if I ever have a baby girl, I will name her Esme. I love that name. And, how cute is this: Esme and Isaac. So cute.
7. I feel much, much older than I am.
8. I hate test driving cars. I get really, really nervous. I always think the sales person is cringing at what an awful driver I am.
9. I have a horrible memory, especially when it comes to remembering people I've met. I'm always that person going, "I know you from somewhere, but I can't remember where..."
10. Thus, if ever I'm meeting someone for the second or third time, I feel it completely necessary to reintroduce myself as though we've never met. I assume that no one remembers me, either. I've noticed that people find this sort of weird.
11. The only foods I don't like are beans, olives and Brussels sprouts. I'll eat anything else.
12. I don't know how to behave around people who are timid and soft-spoken. It's weird to me. I don't know how to handle them. I think it's because they usually don't get my biting, sarcastic sense of humor.
13. I HATE knick knacks. I hate cute, decorative crap. If it doesn't serve a purpose, I get rid of it.
14. I love books. They're probably the things I "collect." I don't like borrowing books from the library because I like to be able to bend the spine, fold the pages and write all over them. I think people who don't bend the spines of their books are WEIRDOS (yeah, Natasha, I'm totally talking to you).
15. I love to cook, although I don't have much time for it with a nine-month-old.
16. I used to be fluent in German and American Sign Language. I doubt I could even carry on a conversation in either now.
17. I want desperately to travel to Germany.
18. I'm extremely bothered by people who walk, speak or drive slowly.
19. I love to grocery shop. A trip to stock the pantry will take me at least two hours because I read every label.
20. I hate clothes shopping.
21. I know nothing about music.
22. I don't have an iPod and have no idea how iTunes works, even though it's on my computer and more than one person has tried to explain it to me.
23. I'm always cold, even in the summer.
24. I still waddle, a side effect of my pregnancy that I haven't been able to shake. I think maybe I waddled before I got pregnant.
25. I have to go to the bathroom. Now and frequently.


Maria said...

I'm cold in the summer too. I blame the air conditioning.

Deutschland macht viel spass. :)

Anonymous said...

LMBO Hey mama!

#1 Bought a kiddo clock for Nicholas. I'll let you borrow it if you like. {ROFL}

#2: Congrats! I have 10 and can't wait to complete the ink going down my spine.

#4 I thank the Goddess above she blessed you with mad writing skillz! My press releases were da bomb!

#5 Lookin' to get knocked up again so soon, eh? You youngins nevah learn! ;)

#8 Mental note to self... don't get in a car with Holly if she's driving. {wink}

#9 Sounds like someone's IS older than she realizes if she's already losing her memory. {snicker snicker}

#11 Beans, olives and brussel sprouts? You're a weirdo! ;)

#12 & 13: AMEN!!!!!!!!!

#14 You're going to straight to H.E. Double Hockey Sticks for dog earring pages, writing on them AND busting up the spines! {screaming... hair in flames}

#16 Learn French or Italian... talk about sexy! {ooo la la}

#18 Someone is in need of the holistic wagon. Seriously... this bothers me too! :D

#20 You're my new BFF!

#22 Okay, sorry, mama, but you are in need of some serious therapy! ;)

#24 I never noticed, now I'm going to be on the lookout. You should know better than to give me ammo. {hardy har har}

#25 You're screwed! Bladder incontinence come menopause time it yours for the taking. {j/k}

Shelly Collins said...

Um, I'm working on my list :)


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