Monday, December 29, 2008

The Tissue Paper Fiasco

I could probably post for weeks about Christmas, boring you with every little detail (and don't think I won't), and so I'll probably have to post in increments. The first is this, an event that will go down in Christmas Day infamy. It was early Christmas morning. John was over to watch Isaac empty the contents of a stocking that was almost larger than he is and unwrap his various other ifts. While opening a Melissa and Doug shape sorter (from Mom), the trouble began. Somehow, Isaac became entangled in the tissue paper. I think it started out as a game, but ended... well, see...

Little Man discovers what tissue paper tastes like. The consensus: not good.

Eek! Now he can't get it out of his mouth!

What a bad mommy am I. Not only did I give the gift that attacked, but, instead of rushing to the aid of my poor, helpless baby, I laughed and took pictures.

Sorry, baby. I hope this doesn't scar you for life.

Looks like you escaped unscathed. Thank goodness. And Merry Christmas.

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