Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Isaac Swings

At Zink Park with our friends Jenny and Lillian. Obviously, my mother is too single-minded to take any pictures of my friends.


Natasha said...

Such a sensitive, thoughtful little man. =)

Shelly Collins said...

I just love his little face. Hope he is feeling better. You need to bring him over to the swings by my house!
Sad that I'll miss you this week.

How are the cloth diapers working out?

Tasha said...

He is cute...and such a big boy! Who knew he could swing??

I pull these pictures up for Miles to look at, and he says 'Baaaby' and smiles. I'm not sure if he remembers Isaac, or is smiling simply because he's a baby?? Either way, thanks for the toddler entertainment.

I'm trying to teach him to say Isaac. I think it's more like Ice, right now...which could actually be a dangerous word :)


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