Friday, October 3, 2008

Isaac's first visit to the Tulsa State Fair

Here, Isaac is contemplating his excitement about visiting the Tulsa State Fair. We went Thursday night, and, while he was a little fussy before we left the house and on the way, as soon as we got to the Fairgrounds and got him in the stroller, he conked out for almost two hours. We met up with friends Lauren and Megan and they were shocked that, with all the lights and noise and kids screaming and carnies heckling, Isaac could sleep through it all. It figures.

Documented proof of his presence at the fair.

He found it enthralling, obviously.

Our last photo with a fair backdrop. We came in and left through the livestock barn, but the camera's batteries died before I could take a picture of him next to the bovine exhibit.

We (I) had a really good time at the fair. We went with my parents and brother and met my friends Megan and Lauren for a bit. And even though I wasn't pregnant this time, I still ate everything I could get my hands on. And it was worth every calorie.

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Tasha said...

What fun! Glad you guys had a great time. Thank goodness for slings, huh?!


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