Thursday, August 7, 2008

Some liberal propaganda for you

I'm reading a book called Red Highways and it's by NPR reporter Rose Aguilar, a liberal from California, who takes a trip through the Heartland of America to see what issues people care about and how they vote. I've only read the chapter on Oklahoma (which is really the only reason I even picked the book up), but the statement that kept being reiterated by almost every conservative voter she talked to was that when it comes to health care, foreign affairs, the war in Iraq, veterans affairs and the economy, most people were dissatisfied by the decisions made by Bush and the Republican party. They thought the country was worse off now than it was eight years ago before Bush was in power, and they were unhappy with the direction in which the right wing has steered America. However, they CONTINUE to vote Republican solely because of the conservative stance against abortion and homosexuality, because those are the hot-button issues the Republican party uses to get people riled up and voting on their side. Which just pisses me off.

Great book so far, though it hasn't actually been published yet. I have a preview copy. Comes out in October.

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