Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More ideas!

I decided, after deciding to grow a vegetable garden, that I also want to start a compost. A friend who lives in Kansas City said she and her fiance just started one, and they love it. They're also collecting rainwater, which they'll use to water their plants and grass, etc. These two ideas seem to fit perfectly with gardening; I'll be able to use the compost to add valuable nutrition to my garden's soil, and I can water it with rainwater, thereby saving us money on our utility bill!

Whenever I tell John about one of my great new ideas, he kind of just rolls his eyes and asks when I'll ever have time to follow through with any of this. He even sort of "forbade" me to collect rainwater because he said it would be a breeding ground more mosquitoes. I'm not sure if he realizes how much his challenges egg me on to follow through with all of my great ideas. :)

We'll see.


Tasha said...

Teeheehee...You're a mom now, and that means that you get to do whatever you want. Good luck with everything, and grow some extra stuff for me, please?!

redforkhippie said...

Three solutions to the mosquito problem:

1. Most rain barrels are fitted with lids designed to let the water in but keep bugs and debris out, so this should be a non-issue.
2. Mosquito fish. If you're not planning to drink the water, throw some mosquito fish in the barrel and leave it open so they get plenty to eat. They'll take care of the mosquitoes and turn your rainwater into liquid fertilizer.
3. Bt dunks. Biological warfare against mosquito larvae. They're organic and harmless to gardens.


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