Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Two-Month Birthday, Little Man

It's hard to believe two months have already passed since you first came into the world. In some ways, it doesn't seem like much time has passed at all. In others, two months seems like such a long time ago. You've changed so much every day and we've gotten to know each other so well, that neither of us seems to be the same person we were April 24. Those early weeks, comprised of long nights spent crying and nursing and crying some more, wondering what the heck I was doing and if I was doing anything right at all, seem so far away now, almost vague at times. I've gained so much confidence as a mother just over the past few weeks, and your smiles, laughs and coos have all encouraged me in my journey through mommyhood. And what a personality you have! I love just talking and laughing with you and watching you grow, literally right before my eyes. I feel like I've known you all my life, and I can't imagine what I ever did without you. And yet, I learn more and more about you every day. I am so grateful that God gave you to me and I look forward to all of the days, weeks, months and years ahead that I will get to guide you and watch you become the little man you will be in life. I only hope they don't pass by too quickly and that I remember to cherish each moment we have!

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